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                      The Outlaw Map of Physics

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    Physics means experiments and the measurement of quantities.
    In the SI, the International System of Units, each quantity
    is a numerical value, a magnitude, multiplied by the product
    of seven base units of measurement, each of which is raised
    to a power of ten, even if the power is zero.  If magnitudes
    and units in quantities are both expressed and dealt with as
    powers of ten, the mathematics of magnitudes is as simple as
    it is for units, self sequencing quantity calculus archives
    can be produced, and concepts, quantities and constants can
    be organized into maps projecting their interrelationships.

    Every point on a map is the destination of all paths to that
    point from every other point on that map, and every quantity
    in a quantity calculus map is shown as the resultant of all
    quantity calculus operations begun from every other quantity
    in that map: how it is defined in terms of those quantities.

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  The Most Desirable Value for the Newtonian Gravitational Constant


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